We are committed to creating a sustainable development that protects, improves and promotes the natural environment and amenity of the Sunshine Coast.

Surf Ranch Sunshine Coast aligns with the objectives of the Sunshine Coast Council’s Blue Heart project through the provision of parklands and open space for the community, high value ecotourism and ecological sustainability and attracting more visitors to the region. In achieving these objectives we will:

  • Transfer 75 per cent (375 hectares) of the site to public open space through the dedication of untouched riparian wetlands, regenerated green open space and public waterways
  • Provide a solution for the ex-cane land / degraded farms problem
  • Improve flood management capability
  • Improve water quality
  • Link Noosa National Park to the Coolum Conservation Park
  • Retain the existing tree corridor
  • Improve wildlife habitat
  • Mitigate potential environmental impacts during development
  • Protect the region’s famous wave breaks

Our Track Record – WSL

Environmental sustainability is incredibly important to our organisation as we have always been protectors and strong advocates of our oceans.

WSL is a proud supporter of globally significant programs such as our WSL PURE initiative to inspire, educate and empower the global surf community to protect our oceans through the elimination of single serve plastics.

But stopping plastic pollution is just the start. We are also reducing our carbon footprint and educating communities on climate change. We know we have to start local to go global and we are working hard to improve habitats, water quality and fighting erosion so that we protect our shorelines and conserve our coastal habitats for future surfing generations to enjoy.

Our Track Record – CPG

CPG has a proud record of achieving sustainable, ecological developments and our investment with the Kelly Slater Wave Company  is no different. Our Casuarina project in northern New South Wales is the most comparable project we have undertaken and an excellent example of how developer and environmental groups can work together to achieve fantastic environmental outcomes. On that project, we engaged and employed environmental groups to plant localised vegetation and complete restoration activities on sand dunes.

Similarly for this project, we will continue to work with local environmental groups and other experts to ensure the site is prepared and developed in a way that takes into account local feedback and improves the environmental uses for the local community. We know by working together, we can achieve the best possible outcome for the Sunshine Coast.


The site area covers more than 500 hectares. The proposed development will utilise approximately 25% of the total site with 75% being transferred back for public use through green open space, waterways, wetlands, and a community sports precinct. We are committed to sustainable development that protects and improves the natural environment. With the current wetland area being vastly improved, we believe returning this land to local communities will support several initiatives including Sunshine Coast Council’s Blue Heart project.

To mitigate any flood impacts, we have engaged Dr Trevor Johnson, one of Australia’s leading hydraulic civil engineers, to provide expertise and advice to alleviate potential flood issues arising out of the development and how acid sulphate soils are treated.

Dr Trevor Johnson has stated that he believes there will be a neutral to improved environmental outcome on the site if the following occurs:

  • Development is limited to approximately 25% of the total site. This will achieve minimal to no impacts on flood storage and will provide adequate flood mitigations for a 1 in 100 year weather event;
  • Acid sulphate soils are treated on site in accordance with the standard practices; and
  • Water quality is improved through the restoration of the adjacent wetlands and Maroochydore River.

We have agreed to comply with all of his recommendations.

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Surf Ranch Sunshine Coast is now consulting with the local community. By listening to organisations, businesses and neighbours, we hope to ensure our project meets the needs of the community, so please show your support by providing feedback.

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