Surf Ranch Backed By Silent Majority

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Consolidated Properties Group and World Surf League today revealed that a survey showed nearly 75% of the community supported their proposed Surf Ranch Sunshine Coast project.

Andrew Stark, General Manager for WSL & Wave Co commented on how passionate the Sunshine Coast community is about the region’s future and is pleased to report that there are high levels of support and interest in the project given the economic and tourism benefits.

“Out of all of Australia, we chose the Sunshine Coast for this project because we know we share the region’s environmental and lifestyle values. We want to move ahead with the Sunshine Coast community.

“That’s why last year we conducted extensive consultations locally to better understand attitudes towards the project, including the associated tourism infrastructure, residential components, schools and public open space.

The comprehensive engagement was conducted by independent community consultants at KPMG. Activity included:

  • Approximately 50 one-on-one meetings with the local groups, including environmental groups, and businesses.
  • An online survey sent to a random sample of 500 Sunshine Coast residents to ensure it was representative of the attitudes held by the wider community.
  • An online feedback tool to express support or opposition to the project which received 173 responses from people at 57 different organisations.

Specific results from the 500-person survey include:

  • Once a description of the proposal was provided, almost three quarters (73 per cent) of the Sunshine Coast residents surveyed somewhat or strongly supported the project.
  • Only four per cent somewhat or strongly opposed, with the 23 per cent remaining unsure or neutral.
  • Majority of Sunshine Coast residents surveyed (86 per cent) felt the proposition would be very or somewhat beneficial to the Sunshine Coast region.
  • The tourism benefits the wave pool proposition would deliver was the main reason the Sunshine Coast residents surveyed supported the project (88%).

In the consultation work conducted by KPMG, it became obvious that Sunshine Coast residents were particularly supportive of the tourism benefits the project would deliver, in addition to the local jobs it would create, and the economic opportunities it would provide.

“Our expectation is that given the economic crisis of the past couple of months, that support for Surf Ranch Sunshine Coast would now be even stronger,” said Andrew.

Don O’Rorke, CEO & Chairman of Consolidated Properties Group said that during the course of consultation, the Surf Ranch team also received more than a dozen letters of support for the project from local, industry and community organisations, and one letter of opposition from a local group.

“While there is a small minority that raised concerns about the environmental impacts of the development, we are working closely with experts to implement solutions to ensure an ecologically sustainable development,” he said.

“While the project does have its critics, this research shows the project is strongly supported.

“We look forward to ongoing consultation with the community, local businesses and industry as our proposition is considered by Government to ensure all views continue to be heard and considered.”


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