Surf Ranch Project To Deliver $2.3 Billion Boost & 12,000+ Jobs

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The Surf Ranch Sunshine Coast project is expected to deliver significant stimulus to the Sunshine Coast Economy with a $2.3 billion boost and over 12,000 jobs according to a report by Lucid Economics.

The report, commissioned by World Surf League (WSL) and independently conducted by Lucid Economics – one of Australia’s leading economic forecasters, included an economic impact assessment and a social impact assessment – both demonstrating very positive outcomes.

Michael Campbell, a founding director at Lucid Economics, said the Project is shown to provide a broad range of positive economic and social impacts, including notable impacts across the areas of family and community, health, work, economic resources, housing, culture and leisure.

“Over ten years of operations, the Surf Ranch Sunshine Coast development, across all of its aspects, is estimated to deliver to the Sunshine Coast community:

  • 2.3 billion in cumulative operational GRP ($1.3 billion directly)
  • 18,960 person years of employment (12,760 direct person years)

“Surf Ranch Sunshine Coast represents a key development for the Sunshine Coast community,” said Campbell.

WSL & Wave Co APAC General Manager, Andrew Stark, was very pleased with the outcome of the report saying it cemented WSL’s belief that they are bringing the right project to the right region in Australia.

“Given the current COVID climate and economic crisis that Queensland is facing, to bring such a sizeable investment and number of jobs to a region such as the Sunshine Coast is extremely important,” said Stark.


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